November 18 , 2017
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The honorable members

All praise to Almighty Allah Subhanahu Taaíla that He give me an honor & opportunity to serve you again. Iím also thankful to you all that you hilly trusts on me keeping in view my previous services rendered for the Karachi wholesale Grocers Association (KWGA) and itís a great respect for me that I elected as an unopposed General Secretary of KWGA for the prosperity, integrity promising and fair lawful sovereignty of the KWGA. I personally myself and on behalf of my group businessmen panel also thankful & appreciates the insaaf panel who declared their all nominations on the positions of the office bearers in favor of the businessmen panel for the continuity of the peaceful democratic system as well as the all association members who takes part individually but for the well wishing of the whole association. And you may also observed that the time proved that the your plebiscite will led to the safety - n - security of your business and solving the problems with every extreme efforts possible.

Like the every financial year and the rules regulations of KWGA for the fiscal year 2006 - 2007 and 2007 - 2008 the election was announced in the November 2006 and an election committee was being formed under the supervision of the senior member Mr. Muhammad Anwar Zakai (Zakai & CO) with the co-members comprises Mr. Maqsood Ahmed (Mukhtar sons) Mr. Aziz Hassan Jilani (General Impex) and Mr. Syed Shakir Ali (Alfurqan Rice Traders). The committee have full rights for the conducting of free fair transparent & peaceful election. We also thankful to the election committee for conducting the peaceful & free fair election.

As we stated in the beginning that the insaaf panel declared in the favor of businessmen panel so then the election conducting on the remaining 9 - - positions of the managing committee only.

The existing managing committee with their extreme efforts, whole heatedly and sincerity rendering their services individually and accumulate lay during the whole year and make the remarkable success to achieving the goals and solving the problems of their members. I, Muhammad Shakil as a general secretary on behalf of the managing committee of KWGA presenting the brief report of the progress during the year.

As you all know very well that the Karachi wholesale Grocers Association has been working since last 34 - years and now the association has the prominent identification between the traders and the various government offices. The main objectives of the association is only to provide & creates healthy environment, brotherhood, latest provisions, good relationship with the civic authorities & local government, import export opportunities and the safe investment etc. while to solve the business quarrel & disputes in the legible and meaningful way amongst their members.

By the great efforts of the KWGA, the prices of food grain consumer goods are being regulated between the mutual understanding of the association and the CDGK. The committee arranged the meetings with the concerned government officials of the CDGK and tries their best to provide the best possible prices of the food grain items for the provision of reasonable & abundant quantity for the interest of common men as well as the peaceful sales throughout the month of ramadan according to the prices exist in the local market. But from the last few months city government again announcing the goods prices for the respective months. In order to combat the market turbulance we yielded our motives and compelled the CDGK to declare in the favor of Wholesalers. This supposed to be the tremendous triumph for our members.

As to attain the tradition of KWGA, in the month of Febmary 2008 we arranged the formal annual dinner in the honor of our valued members as well as the brokers registered with us. The president Karachi chamber of commerce & industry Mt Shamim Ahmed Shamsi was invited to be the chief guest of the dinner.

Instead all of the above some salient activities are as follows:

  • The office of the association was renovated so appears more sophisticated.
  • In the last tenure of the businessmen panel we reinstate our activities of computerized registration identification cards also to the brokers along with the members, list of registered brokers of the association, membership certificates issuance to the all members, health, hygienic maintaining and lightening in the market, water coolers erection, regulating of the local transport freight according to the change of petroleum prices, etc.
  • We met with the director marketing agriculture Mt Abdul Haque Sanyo and takes suerity for the facilitation of the jodia bazar market.
  • Approaches to town police officer Gadap town Mr. Mir Hassan Lahrri and discussed for the solution and prevention against the terrorist activities of looting and snatching of the loaded sugar trucks and its recovery along with the secure trading & transportation.
  • Acknowledging to town police officer Saddar town Captain (R) Tahir Naveed for the aid of the widow of deceased policeman lnayat Ali.
  • Relief to the flood affected areas of Sindh & Baluchistan facing disaster conditions
  • For the security & safety measures in the jodia bazar especially the encompassed streets of the dandia bazar, north napier road, daryalal street, ibrahimjee street and syedna tahir saifuddin road we met with the D.S.P. risala and area S.H.O.ís for the unauthorized parking and its permanent solution.
  • For the proper & timely sanitation of sewerage wastes ductings, maintenance of healthy environment, footpaths roadwork, lightening and other facilitations towards the market, invited the nazim saddar town Mr. Muhammad Dilawar Khan and keep pursue for it.
  • For the erupted sewerage condition in the dandia bazar contacted the nazim UC - 5 Mr. Muhammad Hanif and he explains that the work is keep in the progress and soon this problem will be vanished for ever.
  • For the traffic jam in the market, coming together with the S.O. of the area several times and gets more constables and sergeant for the interrupt free flow of the vehicles.
  • A sudden assassination of Ms. Benazir Bhutto and the existed rupture law & order situation, looting and burnt into fife of stores and loaded vehicles we tried our best for the maximum recovery of the looted goods from culprits and approaching the governor, inspector general of Sindh police and the concerned higher authorities.
  • The renewals of food grain licenses are still pending but the matter keeps proceeding positively in the only interest of our valued members.
  • For the new food grain market in the most adequate and modern way the discussions are being proceeds positively.
  • Meet with the inspector general Sindh and procure suerity upon the security measures of the business trading area as well as the warehouses of the members of the association.
  • The facilitations from the Market Committee and its positive continuity.
  • The availability of the doctor and medicines accordingly in the association premises.

Honorable members

Indeed, the trust you keep by electing me I, Muhammad Shakil assuring that I left no stone unturned for the accomplishment of my responsibilities with extensive honesty, devotedly and due hardworking and loyalty. I review endeavor that as we honored the Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association as a prominent, outstanding and well-known association amongst Karachi City on the national level and insha Allah we may improve its status alongwith our worthy members. I remains thankfiul to you all members in the anticipation.

Muhammad Shakil
General Secretary
Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association

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