November 18 , 2017
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Respectable members


First of all i would like to thank you all whole-heartedly for your immense love and support and for trusting me as a chairman. Throughout my tenure as a chairman, I have worked hard and tried to give my best shot for the betterment of the association and by the grace of Allah, we have succeeded in doing so. We have tried hard to solve all the problems of our members as efficiently as possible. Following is a brief note of our activities.

My dear friends, we have implemented the following points which are significant for the positive propagation of our association.

  • We have decided that trading should be practiced via registered brokers only.
  • Trade dealings should take place between involved parties, for dealings between Karachi and Hyderabad, brokers should be asked of the buying party's name and the dealings should not be on the broker's name.
  • We have also talked over the brokery rate and came to a conclusion that only approved brokery rate should be given. Inform us of anyone who asks for more and Inshallah we will take immediate action.
  • To facilitate trading, we have decided that forward trading should only be activated after confirming the name of the vessel and the date of the loading of the commodity. Importers involved in forward trading are also bound to deal according to the fixed date and the decided vessel's name.

We have solved some disputes between the dal millers, brokers and traders which were purely of the pulse related disputes. By the Grace of God, we amicably solved them.

Dear members, we have received complaints from pulse millers that some importers are asking for different charges for the unloading of the commodity. we have taken strict notice of the scenario and have given responsibility to a very reputed member of the committee to get it resolved.

The transporters bringing commodities to Karachi from Hyderabad requested for an increase in the transport charges due to the increase in patrol and diesel prices. we pondered over the situation and concluded that for an increase in diesel price from Rs 12/litre to Rs 15/litre, Rs 13 per

bag rate would be taken and for the diesel rate of Rs 15.01/lit to Rs 20/litre, Rs 15 per bag rate would be fixed. Moreover we held a conference on behalf of increasing the tenancy rate for the transporters bringing commodities from Hyderabad and it was decided that for the diesel price from Rs 20.01/litre to Rs 25/litre, Rs 16 per bag rate would be given and for the diesel price from Rs 25.01/litre to Rs 30/litre, Rs 18 per bag rate would be fixed. For diesel price from Rs 30.01/litre to Rs 35/litre, Rs 19 per bag rate would be given.

Dear members, we held a meeting with the plant protection officers and told them that the commodities reaching Karachi port are fumigated including the ones that are not affected by the pests. The officers replied that the commodities coming are to be fumigated we made them understand that from now on only commodity affected by the pests would be fumigated. Moreover the fees taken by market committee will be challenged in the high court and a good lawyer would be consulted in this regard.

Respectable friends! I would like to assure you that I left no stone unturned to help and serve you. In the end I would like to graciously thank all my team members without whom all the work done would not have been possible. Before I conclude, I would once again like to thank you all from the depth of my heart for your invaluable support and for the love and respect you showered upon me.

Thank you.

Mr. Anis Majeed
Chairman Dall Committee
K.W.G.A. (2002 - 2004)

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