November 18 , 2017
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Labour Committee

Our Labour Committee always solve the problems of labour, as Labours are most important people and they play very important role in our market, always understand their problems and we solve them like ours. We try to give their remuneration of labour according to their hard work and for this we increase their wages time to time according to the inflation. We solve their problems on association's platform and also outside the association.

We always stood by to solve their problems. In their own association they made some of our reputed members their patrons which is a honour for our members.

I am thankful to our members of the committee who gave their precious time for the welfare of labours.

We will Inshallah with our full force ability try to solve their problems.

Zahid Ali Bukhari
Chairman Labor Committee
K.W.G.A (2002 - 2004)

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