November 18 , 2017
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Labour Sub-Committee Report

Our law and order committee has fully cooperated with the members for their safety. In this regard we had meetings with the higher officials of police and the problems were discussed and solved. Whenever the members needed us, me and my committee members were always there for their help and support without differentiating weather its day or night. Law and order community has always showed unity with our labor force, by considering their problems as their own and tried to solve it. Considering the inflation factor of the economy, committee has increased their wages, so that they do not suffer from monetary hardships. Me and my committee have prioritized the labor matters rather than our business, and solved their problems within or outside the association. Whether its day or night we always stood by their side to solve their problems.

For the welfare of the labour force all the members of my committee had showed kindness, honesty, and had used their skills to the best and have served their time to solve their problem. For which I am thankful to them. And I hope that they continue their work with the same passion, considering labor problem as their own, and support me in future as well.

Other then this, an incident of dacoity took place at the shop of one of our respectable member, in which a constable Inayat Ali was shot dead in the firing by dacoits. The labor force despite of low income had fully supported and helped to raise the funds for the children of martyrdom. For which I am thankful to our labour brothers.

Zahid Ali Bukhari
Chairman Labour Sub-Committee
Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association

From left (Sitting in 1st Row): Mr. Haji Abdul Ghaffar, Mr. Malik Zulfiqar Ali, Mr. Zahid Ali Bukhari,
Mr. Muhammad Shakil, Mr. Abdul Qadir. (From Left in 2nd Row): Mr. Arif Muhammad Yousuf, Mr. Arshad Arif.
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