November 18 , 2017
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I would like to thank ALLAH and all the members of KWGA for supporting me and having confidence in me. Your confidence has made me won these elections unopposed and has helped me continue my services for this association for the 23rd year of my career in this association. My belief is the foremost work of the association and is to keep its members united. As when we are united we can face any challenge that comes in our way. By the unity so many problems can be resolved by themselves as it is known that any problem which will come into the way will be handled united therefore it will be succeeded. So the problem creators keep themselves away from us.

My vision for the association broadens day by day and my managing committee helps me accomplish those tasks for the betterment of the association and the members. All these years my team has been very supportive and I expect there continued cooperation till the existence of this platform. My enthusiasm is boosted through your trust and support every year. This trust and support obviously needs a return and I end up working for the members and association even on the cost of my own business. That might be not appropriate to say but I should do it as you, members of KWGA, rely on us so we have to cater you as our family members and family is more important than business.

As a family we should be united and should cooperate with each other in all the matters. This bond should be strengthening with our coordination and mutual understanding. With the support of this policy I and my Managing Committee members were able to solve a lot of difficult situations and circumstances and we try that the problem should not even come in notice of our members. We worked day and night so that you should be comforted and can be benefited for the trust you have in us. We try to solve the problem at the initial stage so that it does not affect other valued members. For this matter we hold talks with a series of higher officials on occasions of need and convinced them to take actions as soon as possible. Some of them are as follows:

  • Meeting with City Govt. officials at the time of imposing price list on all goods through out the year and convinced them to impose it for the holy month of Ramadan only.
  • Meeting with Nazim of Sadar town, Mr. M. Dilawar Khan, for the infrastructure facilities provided in the market like sewerage problem, road maintenance and footpath repairs.
  • Meeting with Nazim UC 5, Mr. M. Hanif H.K, for the sewerage problem on main Dandia Bazar Street.
  • Meeting with IG Police and other police officials at the time of murder of Benazir Bhutto, when warehouses were looted.
  • Meeting with TPO Saddar Town, Captain (R) Tahir Naveed, for giving funds to the family of Constable Inayat Ali, who died during shootout with the robbers after a robbery in the market.
  • Meeting with TPO Gadap town, Mr. Meer Hassan Lahri, for the looted cargo of sugar.
  • Meeting with DSP Rissala and SHO for parking of motorcycles, safety and security of the area.
  • Meeting with Director marketing agriculture, Mr. Abdul Haq Sario, for the facilities to be provided for the market.
  • Meeting with Director Food, secretary food and other officials.
  • Funded the victims of flood in Baluchistan and Sindh
  • And held several meeting with the managing committee and the sub committees for discussing and finding solutions to your problems.
  • Held meeting with High Commissioner of Bangladesh H.E Mr. Yasmeen Murshed, regarding enhancement of business between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

I would like to thank all the members and the managing committee and the sub committees for standing by my side and helping us our way here and accomplishing all the milestones. A lot of suggestions, comments and criticism helped us make better decisions and setting higher milestones every time and by the Grace of GOD we were able to accomplish them. All these hardships were faced with your cooperation and support. All the sub committees also shared there views and comments to concrete the process of decision making and has been a very supporting element. Thank you for your support and hope this cooperation will continue in future as well.

Thanking You

Mr. Anis Majeed
Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association

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