November 18 , 2017
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Price Sub-Committee Report

City government’s department, Enterprise and Investment Promotion (E & IP) has been issuing price of good list for the last one year every month. Our committee4 managed to pressurize the respective department through meetings series of letters with the higher official and conveyed that Karachi is not an agriculture city and all the goods are either imported from one city or other countries for those reason wholesale prices shouldn’t be fixed. On which our point of view have been accepted and the pricelist is not being imposed on wholesale. The price list being issued is only for the retailers. Their imposition of price list on wholesalers is our great achievement. For which other members of the committee have hilly cooperated wit h me and have helped me at every possible occasion.

Apart from this considering the poor people’s problem for the month of Ramadan, the city government, department Enterprise and Investment Promotion (E & IP)’s higher official and our committee’s member mutually agreed on the fixation of price and on these rates sufficient quantity was available and no problems were faced.

Before the month of Ramadan, the magistrate took some of our members from Chand B.B. road, to the police station. As this matter came in our notice we reached the police station, I was accompanied by Mr. Zahid Ali Bukhari, Mr. Mohammad Altaf, Mr. Mohammad Aamir Nadeem and Mr. ArifYousuf
We informed the magistrate that there is no price list issued for wholesalers so why have you brought our members here. Along with the magistrate we also discussed the matter either other higher official, and solved this matter amicably. After this mo magistrate visited our market during Ramadan mubarak and this holy month ended safely and securely. On this mutual cooperation, I am very thankful to the official’s of city government and all the members of the committee who helped me in this situation as well. I highly acknowledge their service and would like to thank them again.

Mr. Anis Majeed
Chairman Price Sub-Committee
Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association

From left (Sitting in 1st Row): Mr. Anwar Noor Muhammad, Mr. Haji Abdul Ghaffar, Mr. Anis Majeed,
Mr. Muhammad Shakil, (From Left in 2nd Row):Mr. Muhammad Arif Yousuf, Mr. Bashir Lati Wala,
Mr. Muhammad Altaf, Mr Arshad Arif, Mr. Muhammad Amir Nadeem.
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