November 18 , 2017
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Pulses Committee Report

Respectable members


I would like to thank my managing committee who has bestowed great honor on me by nominating me as chairman of pulse sub committee, showed trust in me to solve the problems of members amicable with the opportunity to serve you.

Me and my committee members have always tried to fulfill our duty and have always consider your problem as our own and tried to solve it as efficiently as possible and have succeeded in this endeavor which you have witnessed yourself.

Considering the inflation our committee increased the brokery rate of the dall brokers. Because brokers are a very important part of our market and they considered as the backbone of the market.

For the benefit of the members and the general public, our committee has given several suggestions for recent budget, and we intend to give suggestion in the future budget as well, so our agriculturally rich Pakistan can increase agriculture and all the commodities are available through out the year in sufficient quantity.

Our committee is trying to import the pulses machinery from India, because comparing with other countries the machinery is cheaper in India and the government of Pakistan has imposed ban on the import of machinery from India. Thatís why we are trying so that this ban should be removed.

Apart from this dalI committee has solved the problems of the members through the platform of association and on individual business as well, all the member of the committee fully supported me in the solution of complicated and difficult situations. For which I would like to thank them and I hope this cooperation will continue in future for the problems of the members.

Mr. Anis Majeed
Chairman Pulses Committee
Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association

From left (Sitting in 1st Row): Mr. Hussain Bhimani, Mr. Anwar Noor Muhammad, Mr. Raja Assermal Manglani,
Mr. Muhammad Amjad. (From Left in 2nd Row): Mr. Hussain Data, Mr. Nasir Patel, Mr. Muhammad Munir,
Mr.Bashir Haji Dawood Lati WalA.
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